Carrie Fisher Autograph

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Carrie Fisher Autograph

There is no denying it, Carrie Fisher, will always be known for her role as princess Leia in the Star Wars franchise. In recent years, before the untimely event of her death, she had returned to the stories continuation, featuring in Star Wars: The force awakens. By this act alone, it seems the person, the actress, the writer and often the humourist, also recognized her eternal connection to the character and the story. Quoting Carrie Fisher directly she stated ‘that princess Leia would be on her headstone’.

This connection alone was good reason why her autograph was, and still is sort after. If you had seen Carrie, and had a pen handy, then that would surely be all you would need to help you decide if you should get her autograph, albeit on a hanky, a wrapper or even your clothes. But, imagine if you had a piece of the Star Wars memorabilia in your hands? Even if it was a model of R2D2 or a C3P0, then you would surely get that autograph! Even better, If you had had a picture of Carrie Fisher, as the infamous Princess Leia, would you hesitate to get that autograph? You would have to be mad not to go for it!

However, despite this clearly being the case, a lot of fans and friends, family and followers of Carrie Fisher, appreciated her for a lot lot more than the part she had played in this role. Her past, her experiences, her difficulties, have inspired and encouraged. Stephen Fry, during in his television series “The secret life of the manic depressive’, was involved in a discussion with Carrie on her personal experiences with the illness, where she was humbly frank and honest about her mistakes, regrets, recovery, and her present life and experiences. This kind of openness truly is invaluable.

What about her fictional work? It would be great to own her autograph in one of her works. Carrie Fisher wrote four novels, several screen plays, TV and movie scripts, as well as non-fictional books including biographical work. Just looking through some of her work, it is striking to note the unique, intellectual and humorous pontificating and ponderings of the star, Carrie Fisher. She seems like someone you would love to get into a good conversation with, regardless of the subject matter. Quotes and cuttings from her writings and interviews give numerous examples of the sort of woman she was. For example, when discussing the pressure put on her, when filming, to lose weight and conform to the ideas and criteria of others, she is noted as saying “they want to hire part of me....three-fourths....The fourth cannot be with me.”.

There is no doubt, that she is a gem, or indeed, a star. Truly One of The Star’s of ‘Star Wars’. Owning a part of her work, or something from her own hand would be something to be proud of. For more information on doing this, check out the website