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The Who..pop.. Autographs

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THE WHO..Pop.. Autographs

Movie memorabilia includes a wide array of items, from props and clothing, to funny little collectors items that symbolise and stand for the movie star or story. Of course one of the most popular items that are keenly sort after by the fans, are autographs. But, not just any autograph will do. The person signing their name is expected to impress, inspire, evoke a feeling and make us awe stuck. One movie star, that certainly achieved these attributes and gained stardom, is the one and only Charlie Chaplin.

In fact his name and face is so well known that his picture tends to adorn not only the DVD covers of his work, but also artwork, models, badges, ornaments, posters. The list goes on and on. Even younger generations, that have never seen his work and movies, will recognise the name of Charlie Chaplin and the picture of his on-screen personality. But what is it about Charlie that has inspired this following? And why do many people feel encouraged to try and possess his autograph?

The story of his career has been described as one of the most inspirational pauper to prince stories in the movie archives.

Charlie Chaplin’s career started in his early teens, when due to hardship and his mothers health, he was forced to find work and a way to survive, to avoid the workhouse. For seventy five more years Charlie Chaplin created the inspirational and sensational character known as ‘the Tramp’. This on-screen persona, created in 1914, soon made Charlie Chaplin a star and by 1918, he was one of the most well known movie figures in the world. Being completely Charlie Chaplin’s own invention, it told others of the natural talent for, not only an acting career, but for the naturalness in which he performed and invented. No wonder then, that with his subsequent films and performances, showcasing his autograph character ‘the Tramp’, he directed, wrote and produced the majority.

Charlie Chaplin’s celebrated role, was the funny comedic character that often played the fool, or clown. But hidden in his performance, always seemed to have a deeper, more lyrical feel (despite appearing in silent movies). He evoked feeling, sympathy, empathy, comradery. He was a friendly face, that looked like he needed a friend (perhaps to tidy him up a bit). He was dynamic, yet artless in makeup. He had big feet and a small hat, baggy trousers and a tight jacket. It was like he couldn’t decide, yet he knew exactly what he was about.

What a legend! Truly someone we want to ensure we remember, and a ‘star’ to place within our hall of fame. And what better way to do this, than to own a copy of his autograph along with a picture from one of his performances.

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